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Crystal Release – 30 minute session at $75

Crystal Release, or Crystal Therapy, is performed using a Vogel or Vogel style crystal. The crystal is charged with thought and intent and can be used to balance energy and clear disharmony in the body. The method can be powerful and intense, releasing blockages and clearing unhealthy patterns.

Home visits available for an additional cost. Contact us for details.

This service is also available remotely.

Several days following the removal of a tooth, I continued to experience residual pain in the area of the extraction and in the surrounding teeth. There also was swelling beneath my eye. Almost immediately after experiencing the crystal release energy work, the residual pain was gone and the swelling was much reduced. I was also able to eat again without any discomfort – the first time in nearly a month.
Ellen R.

July, 2017, Sebastopol

I had a major case of the flu that started 3 weeks ago and just couldn’t seem to recover my energy or get over the congestion. I contacted Simon at Iaso Wellness Center and one day after a remote session with the Crystal Light Table, I had my energy back! Simon did a second session a couple of days later using Remote Crystal Release and the congestion was gone. I used conventional medicine as well but I believe the energy sessions really helped super-charge my path to feeling better. Thank you, Simon!
Doyle W.

January, 2018, Houston

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DISCLAIMER: Iaso LLC provides energy based and other therapeutic modalities through the Iaso Wellness Center. Clients should be aware that no spiritual or energy work/session can be guaranteed to cure, prevent or treat a condition or disorder. Iaso LLC does not warrant nor make any specific claims or promises or guarantees about the results of the session and specific relief is not guaranteed in any way. The Client acknowledges that none of the employees or agents of Iaso LLC are physicians or medically trained and therefore cannot diagnose disease or prescribe any medication. The Client acknowledges and agrees that it is the Client’s responsibility to seek the care of a licensed physician or licensed healthcare professional for any physical or psychological ailment. The Client also acknowledges that Iaso LLC does not advocate or advise you to discontinue any medical treatment you may be receiving nor discontinue any course of medicines that you may be taking. The work of Iaso LLC's practitioners is intended to be in harmony with any other healing work that you undertake, including traditional medicine. While many benefits have been reported by those who have experienced these energy sessions, the Client acknowledges that not all energetic modalities will work for everyone. Iaso LLC does not accept any liability whatsoever whether directly or indirectly for your choices, thoughts and/or actions based on your requested session, results and experiences of or during the session or any reading. Any actions taken by you as a result of your session are done at your own risk and expense. Any information based on messages channeled are from Higher Spirit Sources and not the views of Iaso LLC its agents or employees. Any actions or implementation, not limited to but including, of any guidance or meditation is at the free will and responsibility of the Client.

Booking an appointment online or by any other means, gives Iaso LLC and its practitioners permission to perform the session and the Client agrees that if you are uncomfortable at any time, it is the Client's responsibility to inform the practitioner.

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