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Crystal Light Table Therapy Sessions

Iaso Wellness Center in Santa Rosa is home to California’s only crystal light therapy table. This unique energy therapy combines light and sound to cleanse, energize and balance your chakra system.

Esogetic Colorpuncture

A state-of-the-art holistic mind and body healing technology which offers a unique way to get to the very roots of many health problems.

Atlantean Healing™ Sessions

Tap into the power of the ancient Atlantean healing energies channeled in this unique energy session.

Angelic Reiki

Reiki healing energy from the angelic realm provides a high vibrational healing experience.

Crystal Light Table Therapy – 1 hour session at $150

The tranquil room, colors, Crystal Light Table, singing bowls and Simon’s deep presence made for an exceptionally relaxing, restorative and transformative experience. It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced…so gentle, yet potent. Highly recommended!
Amy D.

January, 2018, Santa Rosa

Esogetic Colorpuncture – 1 hour session at $150

30 minute Session – Package of 4 at $250

Crystal Release Therapy for Pain Relief – 15 minute session at $30

Atlantean Healing™ – 1 hour session at $110

The session was potent with non ordinary sensory experiences… auditory, visual, and bodily sensations throughout. From beginning to end, I was in a profoundly relaxed state, open and receptive to the gentle yet powerful energies penetrating the entire space around me and through me. Surrender and trust in the process was a given, in the presence of Simon’s purity of being and intention for healing. His ability to see and feel into another’s energy field and share what he senses can provide a release of lifetimes of karmic residue. He is right on. What a gift.
Theresa B.

September, 2017, Houston

Angelic Reiki – 1 hour session at $100

Quantum Touch™ – 1 hour session at $150

Aromatherapy – 1 hour session at $150

The space and practitioners at Iaso Wellness Center are warm, welcoming and professional. I recently had the pleasure of working with Ellen Rayner, Aromatherapy practitioner at Iaso. Ellen is a very knowledgeable, intuitive and gifted practitioner. I enjoyed our session and am feeling the positive effects of our work. Highly recommend!
Veronica B.

January, 2018, Sebastopol

PEMF Therapy – 30 minute session at $30

LED Therapy – 30 minute session at $50

Group Meditation – 1 hour session at $20 per person

Remote Energy Work – 30 minute session at $100

I had the most amazing remote crystal light table session from Simon. I was amazed how much I could feel over the 30 or so minutes that I had the session. I could feel the energies in most of my chakras and this treatment had a powerful effect on me. My back doesn’t hurt as much, I felt more energy and felt gently pushed out of my comfort zone both mentally and emotionally. In the weeks that have followed the session, I have noticed that I am more open mentally. I feel less blocked and am actually following through with activities I have been putting off. I am open and planning activities to spread my wings with travel and study. I hope to travel to Santa Rosa to the Iaso Wellness Center to have more light table treatments and Esogetic Colorpuncture treatments as well. Thank you Simon and Merritt for building a place that we can come to work on our whole selves.
Jan C.

November, 2017, Salt Lake City

I had a major case of the flu that started 3 weeks ago and just couldn’t seem to recover my energy or get over the congestion. I contacted Simon at Iaso Wellness Center and one day after a remote session with the Crystal Light Table, I had my energy back! Simon did a second session and a couple of days later using Remote Crystal Release and the congestion was gone. I used conventional medicine as well but I believe the energy sessions really helped super-charge my path to feeling better. Thank you, Simon!
Doyle W.

January, 2018, Houston

Crystal Release – 30 minute session at $75

Several days following the removal of a tooth, I continued to experience residual pain in the area of the extraction and in the surrounding teeth. There also was swelling beneath my eye. Almost immediately after experiencing the crystal release energy work, the residual pain was gone and the swelling was much reduced. I was also able to eat again without any discomfort – the first time in nearly a month.
Ellen R.

July, 2017, Sebastopol

Angel Card Readings – Contact us for details.

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