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Transitioning the Seasons with Essential Oil Blends by Ellen Rayner

Transitioning the Seasons with Essential Oil Blends by Ellen Rayner

Transitioning the Seasons with Essential Oil Blends by Ellen Rayner, Aromatherapist, Atherae Essential Oils Blends

My partners, Merritt and Simon, and I agreed some time ago that Atherae Essential Oil Blends  should introduce seasonal blends for each solstice and equinox. I was delighted with this project mainly  because I love exploring the many different aspects of the hundreds of essential oils available with a specific goal to achieve. The process involves research, exploration and trusting my intuition.

The first was the Fall equinox which would be called Demeter. She is the Greek goddess of harvest and fertility of the earth. Gradually the blend appeared and ultimately consisted of essential oils of tea tree, grapefruit, marjoram, Himalayan cedarwood, cardamon, and ylang-ylang. Once I completed the formula and mixed the blend, I worked with it before introducing to Simon and Merritt for feedback. Next step would be to write up a description.

After a couple of days of using the blend in time set aside for meditation, I went outside to my storage shed for some cleaning equipment when suddenly I had a compelling urge to get all of the “stuff” collected over 20 years out of there! I started this project immediately and over the next week made several trips to GoodWill, the recycle center and the dump. The result was that I had clean shelves and storage space to newly organize. For the first time since downsizing and moving to my meadow cottage, I could shop at Costco for bargains and have sufficient space to store paper towels, toilet paper, kleenex, soaps and cleaning material.

Now it was time to prepare a description of the purpose of Demeter and here is what I learned:

The Fall Equinox is a season of transition. Energetically it is a time to let go of those things that no longer contribute to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Just as the trees naturally let go of their leaves in the Fall, getting rid of that which no longer serves us helps create “breathing room” that strengthens our lives.

To me it was obvious that this cleansing blend assisted me in starting this process and provided the strength, focus and support to make the changes in a calm, revitalizing and uplifting manner.

Next project was the Winter solstice blend, and I had little idea what to expect though I eagerly anticipated the process. I was in for a surprise. This blend would be named after the Celtic goddess, Beira. She is the personification of winter and mother to all the gods and goddesses in the mythology of Scotland.

I followed the same procedure to create a blend of orange, frankincense, bay laurel, Texas cedarwood, peppermint, cinnamon, clove and rosemary. Again I used it in my meditations before introducing it to my partners. What happened next is very personal and difficult for me to describe.

I started to acknowledge the fact that I had withdrawn to my cottage after retiring and began a slow, steady, sure process of  isolation that contributed to darkness and loneliness. I read an article stating that 1 in ll Americans age 50 and older lacks a spouse, partner or living child, the main sources of companionship in old age! Research has discovered that loneliness takes a physical toll and is worse for longevity than being obese or physically inactive!! I started to realize that being over 70 I needed to take action to dispel the dark  thoughts surrounding my excuses for “not getting involved”. I ceased listening to all the political news that is so foremost in the media and began a process of appreciating all the positive people and circumstances in my life.

Gradually and surely, the dark negative thoughts that haunted me daily and I was careful to hide  began to lighten. To quiet my mind, especially during the wee hours of the morning, I created a new mantra: I am here in this moment and in this place with a quiet mind, grateful heart and healthy body.

Now it was time to prepare a description of the benefits of Beira. Here are the results:

The winter solstice carries a metaphor for life. Darkness exists around us, this may be in ourselves, family, friends, career or the world. We must recognize and accept the darkness that exists during our lifetime while recognizing and holding on to the past experience that the light will always shine once again.

Once again, a blend of essential oils revealed in no uncertain terms where I was mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Having this clarity and using the blend with clear intentions, I am letting go of those limiting beliefs and dark emotions that no longer serve me. Namaste!!

Explore well-being beyond the medical by Simon Emsley PhD

Explore well-being beyond the medical by Simon Emsley PhD

Explore well-being beyond the medical by Simon Emsley PhD

The Iaso Wellness Center was established as a Holistic Wellness Center where we apply integrative methods or complementary and alternative therapies to address our clients needs. There is raising awareness of the benefits of alternative methods and how they can be combined with traditional Western Medicine and also Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Some may consider the alternative methods that we and others apply are “a bit out there” or a bit strange, certainly in an era and a culture where we take pills to cure our problems. There is reluctance to use these alternative methods as stand alone treatments or in parallel with the traditional medically prescribed solutions.

However, when we look back through history we find that color therapy and sound therapy were commonly used by the Egyptians, the Greeks and the Chinese. Chromotherapy is a centuries old concept, with the Egyptians and Greeks using light and color.

In ancient Greece, color was used to restore balance using both direct exposure to sunlight and indirect methods where garments, oils, plasters, ointments and salves were used to treat disease. Avicenna (AD 980) advanced the idea that color is an observable symptom of disease. Today we see a yellowing of the skin, jaundice, as being an indication of liver disease or the excessive breakdown of red blood cells.

Similarly sound and music therapy has its beginnings in ancient times. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher who lived approximately from 580 to 500 B.C., saw music as being based on the laws of nature. The specific vibrational rates affecting energy fields point to the potential for notes, tones and vibrations to promote healing.

If we look through the scientific literature we see a growing number of papers and articles on alternative methods and integrative approaches to healing. One such paper, published by the American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, discusses the use of integrative medicine in head and neck cancer.

In 2016 Matovina and others published an article that used recent data to outline the decision making inherent in integrative medicine utilization among patients with head and neck cancer, the article discussed the ethical implications inherent in balancing integrative and conventional approaches to treatment and to highlight available resources to enhance head and neck cancer providers’ understanding of integrative medicine.

The authors used randomized controlled trials involving integrative medicine or complementary and alternative medicine treatment for cancer patients. The data were drawn from a systematic database search and were categorized into cancer prevention, treatment and symptom management.

The authors concluded that integrative medicine is gaining popularity for the management of cancer and is most commonly used for symptom management. A number of randomized controlled trials provide data to support integrative therapies, yet physicians who treat head and neck cancer may be faced with ethical dilemmas and practical barriers surrounding incorporation of integrative medicine.


American Academy of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery, Volume: 156 issue: 2, page(s): 228-237 Integrative Medicine in Head and Neck Cancer by Chloe Matovina, Andrew C. Birkeland, MD, Suzanna Zick, ND, MPH, Andrew G. Shuman, MD.

Explore well-being beyond the medical

Essential Oil Expansion by Ellen Rayner

Essential Oil Expansion by Ellen Rayner

Essential Oil Expansion by Ellen Rayner, Aromatherapist, Atherae Essential Oils Blends

Listen to any popular love song and you can recognize how powerfully our emotions affect our sense of well-being. Consider these words from a song entitled Immortal by Evanescence:

“These wounds won’t seem to heal;

The pain is just to real;

There’s just too much that time cannot erase.”

Today, many healers, wisdom teachers, doctors and therapists agree that it is time for humanity to deal with the subtle reality of strong emotions and bring them consciousness for the health and well-being of our community on Planet Earth, now over 7,000,000,000 strong!

In an article entitled Wisdom’s Way, Angeles Arrien states: “to achieve an adult sense of freedom, we must come to terms with unresolved anger, disappointment, despair and feelings of repugnance concerning death. We can no longer harbor our illusions, aversions or attachments. Recognizing these feelings is only the first step”.

 There are many ways to take this first step of recognition. One of the most powerful methods to bring feelings to the surface is through the use of essential oils and aromatherapy. The sense of smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the limbic area of the brain, the emotional control center. The scent of a particular fragrance can evoke memories and emotions before we are even consciously aware of them. When smells are involved, we react first and think later. In my world this reaction includes all our lifetimes, and thus we continually uncover unresolved memories also. In a sense, one could say that scent is a gateway to the soul. We can certainly limit our spiritual evolution and ascension by suppressing this sense.

Another factor that contributes to the effectiveness of these oils is that the vegetable kingdom appeared on our planet long before the animal kingdom, and the two realms evolved in close interaction. We depend on plants for many reasons (food, energy, oxygen) and there is between plants and humans a complementary relationship. We are part of the same whole, which is life itself. When individuals react most strongly to scent, I usually find that they were overexposed to or currently  use too many synthetic, petroleum-based products. This is hard to avoid since these are used in the majority of household and personal care products on the market today.

Atherae Essential Oil Blends are developed and created to bring to the surface of awareness the reality and magnitude of emotional pain. Possibly, the first is that of separation when the newborn begins its trip through the birth canal to experience light, gravity and the need to take in air through the lungs for the first time. I believe that when each one of us decided to embody and join the human race, we also agreed to accept the assignment of dealing with and beginning to heal certain emotional wounds that are part of belonging to humanity. Thus, that early feeling of being separate, alone and abandoned is the beginning of the way back to Source

“What’s the alternative? Well, since you’re going to experience these feelings and thoughts anyway, maybe it’s part of the plan, the journey, the human experience. Maybe a first step lies in remembering that you’ve already felt the fear and all the other stuff you’re afraid of and you didn’t die. Life went on”. Mark Bender, PhD., Black Ice and Banana Peels – Getting a Grip on Your Mind.

When used with clear intentions, your core essence blend created while working closely with Ellen will assist you in recognizing and releasing long suppressed emotions that hinder your sense of well-being.

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