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Akhneton Essential Oil Blend by Gritman Oils (10ml)


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Akhneton Essential Oil Blend by Gritman Oils

Akhneton Blend Promotes expansion of lower spiritual energies into higher ones. Creating a balance in personal energy and wisdom. This blend was formulated by Dr. Nagy Shehad, an Egyptian and owner of Gritman Essential Oils. This is one of the last formulations he did before he died. He used ancient scrolls written in Koptic to create this formula.

Essential Oils of Anise Seed, Radriaka, Parsley Seed, Lavender, Oak Moss Absolute, Turmeric, Orange, Bitter, Peppermint

Percentage of dilution ??

Applications: Meditation,Bath Therapy is best. If you need guidance call a Iaso Wellness Counselor for assistance. Diffused into a meditative space can also get good results.


Warnings: This is not a blend to be used by beginners. Could cause skin irritation. A carrier is required if applying to the skin. Do not get into eyes and do not swallow.

Keep out of reach of children. External use only. Pregnant women and people with health problems must consult their Doctor.

Applications Instructions:

  • Meditation:

Essential oils have been used since ancient times to lift the spirits and enhance the energies of the body. To replicate beautiful rituals and intensify the quality of your meditations, place a few drops of your blend in the palm of one hand and rub both palms together. This stirs and releases the molecules of the individual oils. Place your hands in an “open” prayer position, cover your nose and inhale deeply three times exhaling forcefully.  Sit back and begin your meditation.

  • Bath:

1 cup Epsom or Sea Salts

2 tsp. Fractionated Coconut Oil

3-4 drops essential oil blend

Dissolve oils in salt with oil and add to bath water.

Soak 20-30 minutes

(note…make sure skin can handle the blend before immersing yourself. Test on your wrist or inside of your elbow for skin irritation reaction.)


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